15 Badly Timed Photos Of Celebrities That Will Leave You Speechless

We love to watch celebrities and observe their daily lives. From their outfits, to what they buy at the grocery store, celebrates always seem to have someone watching, to capture every moment. Naturally, with all eyes on them at all times, we may observe something not so normal, or something very hilarious. We love to laugh and the there are many moments in pop culture history that have given us all a good “LOL”. Here are some of the most funny badly timed celebrity photos on the internet.

She’s Not A Belieber

This photo is probably from one of Justin Bieber’s many fan meet and greets. But this girl doesn’t seem to be feeling Bieber’s greeting and it is written all over her face. Bieber’s hand has traveled to an interesting location, that wouldn’t be considered a normal handshake.

Horrendous Hair

When Rihanna went out for the day, she probably wasn’t expecting the top of her head to get so much attention. But this paparazzi photographer happened to catch the right angle and showcased Rihanna’s much needed root touch up.

Orange Glow

Jessica Simpson is known for her very wide-eyed reactions to many normal life situations. Here Jessica has quite the orange glow going on and her expression shows just as much surprise as ours when we are looking at this photo, “is it chicken, or is it fish?”


In Selena’s defense here, a tower of cupcakes is definitely something to get excited about. She looks like she is a kid in a cupcake shop with her shock and awe expression for those yummy delicious treats. I wonder how many she ended up taking home with her.

A Tender Moment

Metta World Peace and Paul Pierce are just sharing a manly, loving moment between two superstar athletes. Competition can get exciting and become really intense and these two are just embracing the passionate moment and going with the flow. Kinda hard not to yell “KISS” at them though.

Kim’s Ugly Cry

It’s not a secret to the world that Kim Kardashian is an ugly crier. There are numerous photos and videos of Kim letting it all out, makeup smeared, snotty, tears pouring down her face. While she may be feeling a lot of feelings at the moment, we can’t help but laugh because she is just so rich.

Babe, Not Now

Beyonce and Jay-Z are the ultimate couple. They are powerful and talented and have the cutest kids ever. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some couple moments that we can all relate to. Here Beyonce is clearly telling Jay to “back off” because she is trying to get her groove on in the middle of an act.

Are They Real?

Selma Hayek is a total latin hottie. And her bossoms are absolutely mesmerizing in this outfit that she is wearing. So I don’t blame Oliver Stone for reaching over to check out if they are actually real. Or maybe he is stopping them from trying to escape, whatever it is, we get it.

Fan Favorite

Rashida Jones got caught in this photo pulling away from an adoring fan who was being a little too adoring. The camera was trying to capture the nice moment between actress and fan and the fan’s overzealous actions made for one hilarious photo.

Booty Blunder

Beyonce, the Queen B of all things pop and perfect, isn’t exempt from the unfortunate fate of getting an awkward photo. When you are going to rock a super short dress, pay extra attention to keeping things together when you are getting in and out of a car.

A Helping Hand

Now Kim Kardashian is known for taking sexy photos, and she is known for her lavish lifestyle, but she is not particularly known for her philanthropy. Here she is giving back to the homeless by working at a soup kitchen and she doesn’t seem to be enjoying the goodwill very much.

Half-Time Antics

There is not a wardrobe malfunction more infamous then the super bowl halftime show featuring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s performance where the ending surprise was Just Timerberlake pulling off part of Janet’s shirt revealing her pierced nipple and bare breast.

Eating Out

Mischa Barton was enjoying a nice lunch out, but she seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot because this photo really captures her digging right into that meal. While we all know that celebrities eat and enjoy their meals just like we do, we can’t help but laugh at their expense.

Pick It Good

Brad Pitt has been the sexiest man alive for so many years and he only seems to be getting more handsome with age. Even with his finger up his nose digging for gold, he looks pretty handsome and would most likely be any woman’s fantasy man.

Up-Skirt Shot

Khloe Kardashian has battled with her weight for years and she was a huge proponent of using waist trainers and spanx to keep her body looking trim. This photo show the unfortunate side to wearing those tight undergarments and her tan spanx are showing that she needs to squeeze herself into her clothes.

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