15 Health Foods That You Should Never Eat

Gone are the days when a bulging tummy was considered as a symbol of belonging from a well-off and rich family but nowadays, a person with a bulging tummy is regarded as unhealthy. People are very cautious about their weight and want to keep it in control so that they can remain fit and healthy. There are many fitness experts who advise not just lifestyle changes but also changes in food habits of those who want to lose weight.

Market is full of such food items that are advertised by their makers as healthy and fat-free but in actual fact, they are so unhealthy that you should never eat them.

Here are such 15 foods that are considered healthy but you should never eat them:

1.Packed fruit juices

Eating a fruit is always better than drinking its juice because there is no fiber in the juice which means you are missing on the part that is good for the health. The packed fruit juices which we are drinking nowadays are high on sugar and low on protein and you can’t even be sure of the presence of fruit in these juices. In simple words, there are chances that we might be served with fruit flavored sugar juice in the package of fruit juice.

Packed fruit juices

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2.Low-fat and fat-free processed food items

It is a common belief that saturated fat is bad for health; however, the low-fat and fat-free processed food items are even more harmful. When the fat is taken out from the food, the taste of the food becomes awful. Therefore, to make it tastier, the processed food manufacturers add huge amount of sugar which makes these foods highly harmful.

fat-free processed food

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3.Most of the commercial salad dressings

Many people prefer to have vegetable salads because they are healthy but as they are not tasty, they mix salad dressing to make it tastier. However adding salad dressing makes salad harmful for health as the ingredients of these dressings are sugar, trans fat, vegetable oils and artificial chemicals. Therefore, salad dressings should be avoided if you want to live healthy.

commercial salad dressings

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4.Vegetable oils

We tend to eat vegetable oils such as canola oil, soybean oil and grape seed oil under the assumption that they are healthy because they reduce the blood cholesterol levels which they do but for short period only. However, these vegetable oils are not as healthy as we think because they are mostly genetically modified and partially hydrogenated and can cause various diseases including heart diseases and cancer.

Vegetable oils

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5.Table salt

This can easily be called the most commonly consumed food item and is definitely unhealthy. The mined salt goes under various processes to get refined and during these processes; the natural minerals get wiped off from it, including the iodine which is replaced by Potassium iodide.

Table salt

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Many people have replaced butter with margarine in their diet because butter has high saturated fat content. However, margarine is nothing but chemicals and refined vegetable oils put together to look like a food item. So margarine is not a healthy option and shifting to natural butter is a better choice.


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7.Garcinia Cambogia

It is a small pumpkin shaped fruit and is considered very effective when it comes to weight-loss. However, over-the-time it has been observed that it has caused liver failure so it should be avoided at any cost.

Garcinia Cambogia

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8.Non-organic strawberries

Strawberry is an exotic fruit but organic strawberries should be preferred over non-organic strawberries. The reason being non-organic strawberries contain a huge amount of pesticides that remain on them even after a good wash. So, if you want to have strawberries, go for the organic ones.

Non-organic strawberries

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9.Processed vegan foods

Going vegetarian is definitely a healthier option and it is ethical and good for environment too. Nowadays, there are many processed vegan food items which are sold as replacement for non-veg foods such as vegan bacon. However, these processed vegan foods are not good for health and should be avoided as they are highly processed.

Processed vegan foods

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It is a great alternative to meat and also looks healthy but in reality, it is a loaf of vital wheat gluten. As it is heavy in gluten, it can cause gluten allergies. At the same time, we can’t ignore the fact that it is high on sodium, which brings it to this list.


Image Source: www.onegreenplanet.org

11.Sports Drinks

As the name suggests, these drinks are meant for sportspersons and their ingredients are electrolytes (salts) and sugar. They may be beneficial for athletes but they are of no use for common people. In fact, there is not much difference in sports drinks and sugary soft drinks; however, the former does have less sugar in comparison to the latter. So it is better to avoid sports drinks as they are just liquid sugar in reality.

Sports Drinks

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12.Low-fat/Fat-free milk

People avoid full-fat milk because they are afraid that it may increase their weight or make them obese; however as per a research, the low-fat/fat-free milk has more chances of making you obese. The low-fat dairy products have sugar added to them which increases the chance of heart disease, diabetes 2 and cancer. It’s better to have full-fat milk and products than low-fat/fat-free milk or products.

Fat-free milk

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13.Low-carb junk foods

With the increasing love for fitness, the interest of people is increasing in low-carb diets as they are pretty effective in losing weight and improving health. There are many low-carb junk foods in the market which are highly processed and in reality, they are just highly refined items with chemicals added to them.

Low-carb junk foods

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14.Whole wheat products

The truth is that the whole wheat products are not really that healthy as they are perceived to be. They increase the blood sugar as the grains are crushed to turn them into fine flour and it may be surprising but the glycemic index of whole wheat bread can be the same as that of white bread. In fact, the quality of wheat is also not as good nowadays as it used to be earlier so it’s better to avoid whole wheat products.

Whole wheat products

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15.Brown Rice Syrup

It is also known as rice malt syrup and for making this sweetener, the cooked rice is exposed to enzymes in order to get simple sugar by breaking down the starch. There is no fructose in brown rice syrup but it does have glucose which can increase the blood sugar very fast. The syrup is also highly refined which means that it has almost nil calories. One more reason to avoid this syrup is the presence of arsenic contamination in this sweetener.

Brown Rice Syrup

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