15 Signs You’re Dating a Girl And Not a Real Woman

As a guy you would want to date someone who is mature and has their life basically covered out. Finding such a woman can be a bit hard, which is why it is imperative that you know the signs of identifying a woman from a girl, because the both of them can be easily confused, and you don’t want that to happen.

Girls Want Attention

The best way to differentiate between a girl and a woman and to know which one you are dating is that girls want attention, while woman would want to have some respect in their life. Women want to be respected all the time.


While girls like to be dependent on somebody else, women love to be independent and can care for themselves without you coming in between. A woman who has her priorities figured out would not want you to budge in.


Girls that are immature thing that they know it all and are really the ultimate authority on everything that exists. Women on the other hand respect your opinion as well, and realize that there are some aspects which they don’t know.

Girls Don’t Know Their Limits

Girls tend to party like there are no limits and forget their limits at times. Women realize the limits they have in life and would obey to them regardless of what the situation is. This differentiates the two easily.

Controlled Emotions

Women have controlled emotions and don’t go overboard with their emotions whenever they feel pissed off. Girls on the other hand don’t know how to display their emotions and may or may not be able to contain them.

Open to Meeting Family

Girls would really want to keep themselves as far away from your family as they can. They really don’t want to mix with your family and just want you. Women on the other hand would want to meet your family and mix with them.

Social Media

A girl is hooked to her social media and cannot tell when she should stop with the obsession. Women don’t have any fondness for social media and realize that hovering around the social sphere is just a waste of time if not anything else.

Free Time

A woman will know how to productively spend her free time, while a girl will be confused about doing so and will eventually end up doing the normal partying that she does every day. A woman will also add productivity to your life.

Women are more health conscious than girls. Women know that life is not all about partying and eating, and they should know the difference to live a healthy life. They eat salads and all, which makes them be healthy and look vibrant.

Sharing Secrets

If you share secrets with a girl, she would probably let the whole block know what you have been up to. On the contrary, a woman will stick by to your secrets and would ensure that the trust you showed in them remains while going into the future.


Women show a lot of modesty in their dressing and would not want to go with luxurious, overpriced outfits from brands that are just ripping them off. They would dress elegantly and would look more modest than girls.


Girls almost always want to be treated like princess, because they feel that they’re compromising on a lot for being in a person’s life. Woman on the other hand can get the respect they want or deserve, without acting like royalty.


Real woman who are grown and mature enough, like to read an occasional book every once in a while, they know that entertainment spans beyond OnDemand and Netflix and are willing to give books a try every once in a while.


Women are strong and they show it to the person in their life. They don’t want to come across as weak and dependent on the other person, which is why they display their strength all the time and want the men to respect them for that.

Game Playing

Women understand the value of being in a relationship and how serious it is. They revert from playing games and go about things in a mature manner that suits both their age and their experience. Girls on the other hand play a lot of games.

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