15 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Making Love

Sex is without a doubt the most effective way a person can express their feelings to another person. We are all born sexual creatures but it is a pity that so many people do not use this natural gift, these people fail to realize that sex is actually the closest distance between two people. The real beauty about sex is the fact that it is impervious to reason and that it is a fleeting moment when two people forget about everyone and everything. Each kiss and every touch is another shard of a heart that will never forget you or how it felt to share intimacy with you. This may come as a surprise to many but there are certain things that happen to your body when you stop having sex, these are as follows.

No you are not going to get tighter

Yes you read that right, contrary to popular belief your female parts will not get tighter after you stop having sex. Medically speaking this is completely impossible as your hymen does not have the capacity of growing back. Although it might take you longer to get aroused, you will not get your V card back.

Erectile dysfunction

For all the men out there who just shivered reading this, yes it is true if you stop having sex your penis forgets what an erection really is. Basically the tissues present in your penis are more responsive when you are engaging in sex regularly. So please get laid as the consequences are too dangerous.

Reduced sex drive

This is probably the worst affect lack of sex can have on your body, medically speaking your libido decreases when you stop having sex regularly. This is exactly why you want to have more sex when you are getting laid regularly.


We all know how stress ruins lives and makes life more difficult than it should be, just like sex makes us feel more relaxed and at peace. However, when you stop having sex on a regular basis this induces a high degree of stress!


Anxiety is the feeling of being overwhelmed and thinking that the whole world is out to get you. There is no doubt that this might be the worst possible feeling and that it can actually dictate a person’s life! Not having enough sex can actually make you feel anxious and this feeling could be permanent.

Cardiac health

This might come as a surprise to many, but not having enough sex can actually kill you! Your sex life is correlated to your cardiac health. With time lack of sex can deteriorate your cardiac health, but if you hit the gym to deal with your frustration then you are good to go.

Getting wet is going to be an issue

Yes ladies we all know how you enjoy getting wet when aroused but not having regular sex can take this gift from you. Again this is clinically proven that your female parts need regular maintenance to function properly, so if you love getting wet then call that lad up.

Embrace the stupidity

Another profound benefit of having regular sex is the fact that it helps your brain function at its maximum capacity. Not having enough sex will actually affect the neurons in your brain and will make you feel tired and lethargic. So if you want to remain focused and energized, then get laid.

You get sick more often

When you stop having sex your immune system actually gets much weaker and then your body is more prone to succumb to different diseases. So if you want to avoid getting sick or hate the cold or flu, then get laid.

Your dreams suddenly change

There are also numerous studies out there that have stated that not having enough sex can actually affect your dream patterns. But this is not that bad as you might even get sex dreams and wake up in the middle of the night with an orgasm!


Yes not having enough sex can actually make you more depressed, studies have proven that not having sex for a sustained period of time can actually induce clinical depression. When we have regular sex the world seems like a much better place and this is actually true.

You ruin your relationship

There are many couples out there that believe that going on a dry spell which actually improves their relationship but it actually does the exact opposite. Not having sex will make you feel that your relationship is missing something and it will ruin everything.

Your female parts get weak

We all know how sex can is actually the perfect workout two people can indulge in together. When it comes to ladies, sex is actually the perfect Kegel workout. So ladies even if you are not getting enough action, please remember to adhere to your Kegel exercises.

You will reduce the risk of STD

This is a positive of not having sex that often and might even be obvious but it is still worth a mention. When you stop having sex on a regular basis your chances of contacting sexually transmitted diseases reduces by a substantial margin.

Your self esteem will suffer

When you are having sex regularly your start feeling more confident about yourself, this is why we feel so happy when we are getting laid on a daily basis. So not having enough sex will hit your confidence and will ruin your self esteem.

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