17 Important Facts That Can Save Your Life One Day

Every individual should be acquainted with first aid techniques as it could save a life one day. In most cases, that life could turn out to be your own. Learning the basic techniques of first aid that and make you act quick and instantaneous in a critical situation could help you survive or avert a serious fatal situation. Here are 17 life saving techniques that are easy to learn.

1.What to do if you are choking

The most important thing in such a situation is not to panic as it could make the situation worse. First, you should try and make yourself cough as heavily as possible. By coughing heavily the object stuck in your throat could be dispelled out but if this does not work try the next step.

What to do if you are choking

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The next alternative to choking

Aiming for the area between the belly button and ribs, either press your fist into it sharply or hit yourself in this spot. While hitting also perform an up and down J-movement. You can also exert inward and upward pressure which is similar to the Heimlich maneuver. If you are still choking, lean forward against a chair or any furniture at waist level. Press yourself against it with your hands held in front of you. Repeat this till the object is expelled.

Alternative to chokingtive to choking

The last resort and alternative

Remember these maneuvers are only when there is no immediate help and even if they hurt you, they will save your life. If you do have help, signal a person to perform the Heimlich maneuver on you. The last option is to get on your elbows or palms and knees on the floor. Now instantly throw your arms forward and fall flat on your chest and stomach. This may hurt but it could very well do the trick and expel the foreign object.

Last resort and alternative

2.Telling time using the sun

If you are out camping and have broken our watch, then you don’t need to worry as you can tell the time during day using the sun. Look for a place where the sun and horizon are visible. Keep your hand together as depicted in the picture. Hold your hands still and count how many fingers to would take starting from the horizon to the point of the sun. Every finger will equal 15 minutes before sunset so you will have to multiply the numbers of fingers you counted by 15 and that will reveal the approximate time.

Telling time using the sun

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3.How to tell when a big thunderstorm is approaching

If you feel that there may be an impending thunderstorm, you just need to look for these following signs In an approaching thunderstorm, cumulus type fluffy clouds will gather instead of flat ones. The clouds will also be lower than usual and dark brown or dark grey in color. Black clouds mean heavy rain along with the thunderstorm but without wind. Brown or dark brown clouds will signify rain with heavy wind. If the clouds disperse, it means no rain.

Big thunderstorm is approaching

4.When your brakes fail

If you suddenly find your brakes don’t work, don’t panic or open the door and jump out. Make your passengers if any to fasten their seatbelts and turn on your emergency lights. Then using your long range lights and a car horn, alert other drivers who will know what’s happening. Repeatedly press the brake pedal with abrupt and strong moves. If yours is a mechanical gearbox, press the clutch pedal. If it is an automatic gearbox, then the gearshift should be placed in the “L’ position. Use the manual brake carefully because by using it suddenly, the car may end up drifting. Also, keep trying to turn right and left going from one row to another.

When your brakes fail

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5.If you are being followed

If you suddenly think that you have a stalker or if someone is following you, then the first thing to do is to make sure you are right. Try to spot the person and remember how they look. Then change the direction of your movement, if the person is still following you, ensure you are always walking in areas with people, don’t enter alleyways. Better still, enter a café and act as if you are about to meet someone. You could also carry on walking to the closest police station.

If you are being followed

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6.How not to wander in circles in a forest

There are quite a number of people who while hiking end up walking in circles especially in a forest. Try to keep distinct large trees on the same side of you by keeping them to the left if you are a right-handed person or to the right if you are left-handed. This will make sure you don’t end up walking in circles.

wander in circles in a forest

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7.The first seconds of a heart attack, what you should do

This is a very critical situation as there is no telling how a heart attack can affect you. If you think you are having a heart attack or if you suspect someone in your family is, then call an ambulance immediately. Before they come, ask them if any medicine should be taken. Before taking any medicine, try to cough and breathe deeply. When you breathe deeply, your lungs fill with oxygen and the coughing action will stimulate the chest which can help in restoring your cardiac rhythm. Try to hold on till the ambulance arrives.

Heart attack

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8.The location of your chest pain will help you distinguish a heart attack

The following types of pains either on their own or together are signals of an impending or ongoing heart attack. If such pain persists with accompanying symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Distinguish a heart attack

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9.A gray ring around the cornea is also a sign of heart attack

When you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood, this can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. The condition may cause your eyes to look similar to the one in the image. If this happens, call your doctor immediately.

Gray ring around the cornea

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10.Parts of the body most likely to be bitten by insects

The following image will show you which areas of the human body are most likely to be bitten by insects and reptiles. This will prepare you to be careful beforehand.

Parts of the body

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11.How to remain safe when you are hiking

When you have planned a hiking trip, don’t be secretive about it. Always let your partner, friends or family know where you are going, your itinerary and the date of return. Also if there are specialists in the local area, you could fill them in on the details of your trip and your destination since they will know the area well in case something goes wrong.

How to remain safe

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12.Where you should hide during an earthquake

You must have heard by now how you should hide under a bed in an earthquake. Well, that’s not quite true. You should also never hide in a doorway. In fact, it’s always advisable to hide near large objects although ensure they won’t fall to your side. Lie next to these objects in a fetal position.

Where you should hide during an earthquake

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13.Getting out of a crowd

Pay attention to this advice as you never know when you may be trapped in a crowd. This is highly possible in major events if something goes wrong and you may have read about such happenings on the news. Invariably, such incidents run the risk of stampede which is why you need to be careful.

If you happen to be in the center of a crowd that seems to be getting unruly, then never cross in the direction of the crowd. Move together carefully along with the crowd and keep leaning towards one of the sides. Always try and move accurately without try to block someone’s way as you are liable to be pushed to the ground. When you are with family, take your child and hoist them on your shoulders. Your wife should hold on to your arm or she should move in front of you to control the movement. Also, attempt to move in a diagonal direction rather than a straight line.

Getting out of a crowd

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14.Making a first aid bandage

The time between an accident and when the ambulance arrives is crucial for an accident patient. A bandage applied correctly can be life-saving. For a broken limb, the victim should be immobilized before the ambulance arrives. Make an arm sling which when tied around the neck can hold the arm in position and can act as a warning that the person is injured.

Making a first aid bandage

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15.For a knee injury

The best way to bandage a knee injury is to immobilize the joint. Elastic roller bandage would best suit a knee injury.

For a knee injury

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16.For a Chest injury

For a clavicle fracture or a chest injury, you can use the type of bandage as shown in the figure

For immobilizing smaller joints and to treat injuries a figure-eight bandage is best.

For a Chest injury

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17.When someone is unconscious

When you find someone is unconscious and breathing, you need to call an ambulance immediately. What you can do to help is to secure the person from crowds or narrow spaces. Give them room and gently tilt the head back. While doing so, the person’s mouth will open. Lift the chin up and try to listen if the person is breathing. Keep checking the breathing every 10 seconds. Kneel beside the person and shift them on their side as this will prevent choking on any fluids that may come out of their mouth. When moving them, place one hand on the cheek and gently turn them as seen in the image. If there are signs of a spinal injury DO NOT MOVE THE PERSON.

In case of spinal injury, gently open their mouth without moving the neck.

When someone is unconscious

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