19 Awful Fashion Decisions That Designers Should Be Ashamed Of

Fashion is changed, people. Even suits are no longer as classy as they used to be. People don’t dress that bad in general, but we do have plenty of exceptions that are rising in number. We understand the creative freedom that fashion designers have when it comes to coming up with new ideas.

But we’ve seen enough of these suggestions, and the only question we have is; who’s going to wear that? Well, as it turns out, there’s plenty of people willing to pay a lot of money for something that looks like it was designed by mistake.

Ripped jeans were cool back in the old days, and of course, the older generation thought they were useless and pointless. But have you seen the updated version of ripped jeans? They don’t even look jeans anymore.

It looks like someone was attacked by a lion, survived the attack and sold the jeans on eBay.

1.The whole idea of wearing pants is to have your legs covered

As we were saying, attacked by a lion, survived the attack and sold the jeans on eBay. But seriously, what is the point of wearing jeans if they’re ripped apart and barely connected? Who thought of this idea? And how the heck did these jeans become a thing?

Stylish jeans

Image Source: brightside.me


2.Wedding dress made out of condoms

Oh my God! Let’s just hope that this was a request from a customer. No fashion designer should ever come up with something like this.

Wedding dress made out of condoms

Image Source: pinterest.com


3.This is probably the dumbest shoe design ever

Unfortunately, this is NOT Sparta and this is the stupidest shoe design ever. But maybe the designers were going after the Cowboy look? You know, when it’s super-hot outside by you don’t want to change your style.

Stupidest shoe design

Image Source: brightside.me


4.You can even see the chest

The fact that someone designed and manufactured this t-shirt is not the worst part. But someone actually bought this? Someone spent money on a t-shirt that looks like this? What a waste of money.

You can even see the chest

Image Source: www.brightflank.com


5.Why don’t we avoid using car materials in fashion?

Being unique and original is a good thing in most cases. But being unique doesn’t always means that you’re being better. Just take a look at this skirt or whatever this is. It is without a doubt unique, but is it useful or better than a regular skirt?

Using car materials in fashion

Image Source: emefka.sk

6.When you’re out of original ideas

The designer was probably out of original ideas and desperate to come up with something. So of course he decided to copy the IKEA bag and put a mind-blowing price tag on it, which automatically makes it a fashion accessory.

IKEA bag

Image Source: www.powerapple.com


7.This is confusing

It looks like this dude is only wearing two sleeves, but you’re wrong. This is actually a full sweater, and the designer wanted to fool you into believing that this dude above was crazy enough to wear two sleeves. What a brilliant idea this is.

Wearing two sleeves

Image Source: www.menshealth.com


8.The perfect yoga pants for anatomy students

This is not that bad to be completely honest. It looks kind of freaky but that’s usually what people who buy these type of stuff are going after.

Yoga pants for anatomy students

Image Source: academic-box.be

9.The most hated pair of sleepers ever made

We all hate them because they look awful. But for some reason, they still sell and the creator made a fortune out of the idea.

Most hated pair of sleepers

Image Source: diply.com

10.We didn’t expect something like this from Puma

So Puma is a sports brand, which means their main goal is to produce sports gear. But why did they decided to make something like this? It is uncomfortable as a heel would be and it looks awful. It has the brand name on it, but that doesn’t change anything.

Puma slippers

Image Source: mulpix.com

11.Sneakers that you can only use to take out the trash

You probably think this is not the worst you’ve seen, and you’re right. These…let’s call them shoes, don’t look that bad. However, the price tag could be a problem. They’re probably around $500, on discount of course.

Sneakers use to take out the trash

Image Source: .brightside.me

12.Not the part of nature that we need to copy

There are tons of beautiful birds with amazing feathers that you can find in nature. And not just birds, nature is full with beautiful designs and colors. Which raises an important question, why would turn this particular cow’s part of the boy into a purse?

Tits bag

Image Source: diarioelcomunal.com

13.It seems like this pair of sneakers were made for a cartoon character

They look perfect for Halloween and Halloween only. Even though there’s a Converse logo on this pair of Chernobyl sneakers, we highly doubt they were made by the official company.

Pair of sneakers

Image Source: porosenka.net

14.Plastic pants? Really?

Is that someone who’s willing to buy and wear these pants? What were the designers thinking? Yes, you will be noticed in these pants for sure. But if that’s your only goal, you might as well go out naked.

Plastic pants

Image Source: diply.com

15.Probably not a good idea to express your admiration for a movie star

Steve Buscemi is clearly not happy for being printed on yoga pants. Just look at his face expression. That’s not how a happy person looks like.

Steve Buscemi pants

Image Source: zefirka.net

16.The most delicious hoodie ever made

If you have a friend or a family member that’s vegetarian, make sure you get them this hoodie as a birthday present. And don’t forget to take a picture of the face expression when they first see the present.

Beacon jacket

Image Source: www.siamtrendshop.com

17.Isn’t she supposed to be a fashion icon?

Isn’t she supposed to be a fashion icon or something? But hey, maybe Kanye was the one who picked the dress for her.

kardashian fashionable dress

Image Source: youtube.com

18.When you buy clothes from a suspicious online store

The girl on the right probably ordered the extra puffer edition. Or, the girl on the left is a giant. There’s no other logical explanation.

Buy clothes from a suspicious online store

Image Source: www.langweiledich.net

19.What the heck is this?

Is there a living soul (not just men) on this world who’s willing to wear something like this? The harmonica pants look ridiculous, and they’re probably as uncomfortable as they look.

The harmonica pants

Image Source: .pinimg.com

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