20 Marvel Pictures Proving that “Art Could Be Anywhere”, You Just have to Find It

Intricate designs and unparalleled beauty of simple things in life has never ceased from charming the best of us. Extravagant lifestyle and luxurious things might be the deal of the day but when you want something to embrace you with its gorgeous innate simplicity, you don’t go looking in the wrong places.

Instead, you end up in a gallery like these which are filled with pictures being the epitome of everything you want your eyes to stare lovingly at.

These pictures are simply amazing.


1. The Sky Night Petunia is too stunning to belong to our planet.

2. How cute is this cake!

3. Mother nature playing her magic.

4. Ever seen such a cool gang of Alpacas.

5. Beauty has been redefined.

6. You are looking at an optical illusion.

7. This photograph is giving us next level of pleasure.

8. Intricate and satisfying, both at once.

9. This girl looks more special than any other.

10. If this is not amazing, I don’t know what is.

11. Where do I get this kid?

12. Isn’t it pleasureful to look at the formation of ice?

13. This chapstick has been opened recently.

14. This steep slope in Taiwan directing drain is so beautiful, it belongs in an art gallery.

15. Strawless-lids, anyone?

16. These heart-shaped sandwiches are the best.

17. $1,000,000 USD in $1 bills. Astounding, aren’t they?

18. These fishnet stockings are made from a table’s shadow.

19. The clover on the foam of this Guinness.

20. It’s not an ordinary ball, people. It is made up of rubber bands.

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