4 Things Every Husband Desires From His Wife

Men and woman can often seem to be completely different. We are all humans but sometimes it feels as if it would make more sense it there was some truth to the idea men are from Mars and Women from Venus. Two different alien races. These differences can be good, but they also present some challenges for living together and being together. These differences create an undeniable attraction and it’s interesting to experience the interaction between the two. Sometimes, though, these differences create friction that is dangerous in a relationship.

You’ll Never Guess What They Want

These differences often lead men to be misunderstood and or over generalised. What men generally really want from you might come as a surprise to you, but be assured if you try some of these tips out you’ll be even more surprised at the results!


First and foremost, it is important to understand the important and practical generalisation to keep in mind when trying to figure your guy out. Men are fixers. Women tend to like comfort and someone to be sympathetic in contrast, men like to fix problems and fix other’s problems.

Talk More Like a Man

Don’t clear your throat, speak in a deep voice, or scratch your genitals between sentences. Rather, it’s mostly about getting to the point quicker. As much as a man can love you, he also has a very short attention span.

Don’t be Offended

Relax, I would bet money that he loves the sound of your voice and the nuances in the way you talk, but he’s just not naturally built for long winding stories of what that b*tch Wendy did today. Their minds will wander off if the end or point of your story isn’t coming soon.

Try This Out

When you’re telling your stories, instead of explaining every detail of the exchange and every thought you had and wanted to say but didn’t, try a highlight reel. There’s a reason Sports and Sports News is filled with highlight reels.

How Might be Smarter Than He Seems

Although you might consider this kind of behaviour to be related to his intellect can comprehension skills, it’s not. It’s just the way his man brain is wired. It’s very likely that if you just tell him what’s on your mind and keep it short. He wants the point of the story more than all those details. He’s interested in why this is important to you more than in what actually happened.

Well Practiced

He’s not going to get lost if you don’t fill him in on the entire context and ever small detail that lead up to your feelings and the point. That’s because this is how men talk with each other, he’s had a lifetime of practice in this style of conversation.

Remember, a Fixer

This is where the fact that he’s a fixer comes into play. To understand why this style of conversation is preferred for most men, just think of it from a fixers perspective. Your coming to him with a problem and he wants to understand the problem as quickly as possible, so he can then start helping you fix it.

Stay Calm

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pointless conversation with him. Or talk to him about a problem you don’t want him to fix. It just means that before you have these kinds of conversations tell him up front in black and white that there is no fixing needed or no real point to this conversation.

Why this Works

This is a great solution because while is brain works in a way that this is the most comfortable conversation style for him, it doesn’t mean he can’t do something else. He just probably has to make a conscious effort to stay attentive and not get frustrated at the lack of a point.

Some Other Tips

We all enjoy a good laugh and know how good it feels when someone gets your humour and finds all your jokes hilarious. A man, or just about anyone, tends to find someone who gets their humour more attractive than someone who doesn’t.

A Big Warm Smile

Never undervalue the power of a good smile. A smile is often the first impression you make on someone. At the same time, an unconvincing smile can really unsettle a person. What you need to do is smile with your whole face and focus on the pleasure of meeting new people.


Men often tend to be style illiterate, and have know idea what they are doing or looking at when it comes to style. That is consciously, however subconsciously all that effort you put into developing and perfecting your looking is going to drive some guys absolutely crazy.


Confidence can be just as attractive in a woman as it is in a man. Though that more often doesn’t mean leadership qualities in a woman. Rather, be confident in who you are and that you are a valuable person. That could even me be confident in your shyness, as that can drive some guys crazy for you.

The Traditional Stuff Too

Don’t forget about the traditional stuff too. Men love girls that don’t take everything too seriously. They love girls that put time and effort into a healthy body and lifestyle and girls that let loose every now and then too. Most of all remember that what attracts people is so varied anything can be attractive.

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