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Artist Creates Creative Wire Sculptures Impressed By Fantasy And Nature

Martin Debenham’s sculptures look like pencil lines delivered to life as 3D.

Martin Debenham’s figures look like pencil lines enlivened as 3D.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Artist Creates Imaginative Wire Sculptures Inspired by Fantasy and Nature

Debenham is a self-trained craftsman and his accumulation of wire works are extending each day. A large portion of it is propelled by dream animals and nature. You’ll discover drowsy mermaids and taking off falcons, apparently floating midair.

In spite of the fact that these models seem, by all accounts, to be light and breezy, they’re entirely overwhelming. The Golden Eagle design, for instance, gauges an entire 22 pounds!

Discover a greater amount of Debenham’s work here


wire sculptures martin debenham


wire sculptures martin debenham


wire sculptures martin debenham

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