Brand New Pics Prove Macaulay Culkin Is Once Again Adorable

You know him as your favorite rose cheeked nineties child actor from the famous “Home Alone” movies. Macaulay Culkin, then went through a rough adolescence, as most child stars so sadly do. He fell off the scene for years where he was rumored to have succumb to the dark world of drugs and partying. He surfaced briefly in some movies when he was in his twenties, but for the most part we all began to forget about that young big eared boy who captured our hearts.

Uncle Buck

Macaulay Culkin burst into the scene as a young star in his first ever role alongside funnyman John Candy in the cult classic “Uncle Buck” In his debut role, Macaulay proved he could get some major laughs from audiences and people knew this kid had a bright future.

Role Of A Lifetime

Just one year late, Macaulay Culkin saw his name up in lights once again, this time as the leading mischievous kid, Kevin McCallister in the instant classic “Home Alone” Audiences everywhere instantly fell in love with him. Cheering on his crazy antics and praising his quick wit humor.

90″s Takeover

After his huge success with Home Alone, Culkin began to blow up the Hollywood scene as the hottest new up and coming actor. He landed major roles in iconic movies such as “My Girl”, “The Pagemaster”, “Only The Lonely” and “Home Alone 2”.

Vanishing In Thin Air

In 1994, after Culkin’s protagonist role in the newest family movie “Richie Rich” Macaulay seemed to disappear from the scene altogether. Even though “Richie Rich” was a success, with over $125 million in sales, it seemed as if we had seen the last of this rising star.

A Decade Of Silence

For the next decade, we almost all thought that we had seen the last of Macaulay. He had stopped acting and maybe wandered off to pursue a new love. Then suddenly out of nowhere he appeared in small guest staring roles in shows like “Will And Grace” but something seemed different.

Shocked Fans

Fans began to notice that something was different about their beloved child star. His face seemed sunken in and tired. His body was appearing more and more thin. Rumors of drug and alcohol addiction began spiraling around Hollywood because Macaulay seemed unwell.

Mental Health

With the drug and alcohol rumors, also came the theory that Macaulay Culkin had suffered from some psychological damage as well and was on the verge of a psychological breakdown. His extremely gaunt appearance and erratic behavior had everyone worried.

Romance On The Rocks

For more than a decade Macaulay Culkin was in a serious relationship with “The 70’s Show” star Mila Kunis. People were quick to wonder if Mila was the only thing keeping him from going over the edge, and when the two split for unknown reasons, fans were on the lookout to how Macaulay would react.

Role Reprise

Most recently Macaulay Culkin appeared in an extremely haunting reprisal of his Home Alone character Kevin McCallister. The role had audiences on the edge of their seats, as the questioned how the young fame of this star may have had serious consequences.

Dark Art

The projects that Macaulay Culkin then began to take on were extremely dark and twisted. He continuously took on roles where he played characters who were mentally unstable. Fans wondered if maybe this was a reflection of his personal life.

Quick Turn Around

After posting a video that scared fans into thinking they were never going to get their beloved child star back, Macaulay Culkin made a public appearance looking incredibly healthy and put back together. People were pleasantly surprised but wondered what happened?

A Change Of Perspective

What made this troubled young man have a change of heart? Apparently he mentioned to the media that he wants to practice better self care. He has begun to eat healthier, exercise, and take an interest in his looks and his general hygiene. Looks like the comeback of a lifetime!

The Right Track

It looks as if our favorite “Home Alone” star is on the path to a happy and healthy life! Hopefully for us that means he will make his foray back into acting and bring that humor, charm and natural talent back onto the big screens and back into our hearts!

A Hollywood Triumph

There is nothing more heartwarming in Hollywood when a star who has found a bad way comes back to reclaim their life and their talent once again. We have seen it with so many actors who had strayed down the alley of addiction only to turn around and win an Oscar.

Always A Classic

No matter what path this young star chooses to take, he will always be our favorite mischievous kid from “Home Alone”. Hands clasped to the side of his cheeks, and that iconic scream when he realizes he is on his own in his giant house, about to fend off the bad guys.

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