Photos of Mia Khalifa Before She Became A Famous Adult Star

You just can’t have the adult industry without a bit of controversy. There’s always some new scandal, in-fighting, or extremely edgy scene to light up the headlines. One of the most-loved performers of all time, Mia Khalifa, was often at the center of the storm. The perfect mix of innocent brunette bombshell and shockingly raw performer, no other adult star has quite captured the minds, hearts, and underwear of the viewing public. But what was she like before she shook up the porn world? Well, you’re about to find out – and it’s not what you would expect…

The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

Let’s just say you’ve never heard of Mia Khalifa, and you’ve stumbled across this article by pure chance. Who is she? Well, if these photos aren’t enough of a heads up, she’s one of the most gorgeous women around, and one of the greatest and most surprising stars the adult industry has ever known.

Her Early Life

No-one expected Mia Khalifa to get into adult films. Born in Lebanon, she had a conservative Christian life up until her parents decided to move to the States. There, as a young teenager, she found her world really open up…

Rising Up

A string of drooling boyfriends later, she discovered that sex wasn’t just a bodily function – it was actually a heck of a lot of fun. When one boyfriend suggested she try her hand in front of the camera, she jumped at the chance. Her first scene was nerve-wracking, but she just got better and better…

A Superstar

Most porn starlets see their popularity rise slowly, working and grinding hard for years to achieve some degree of fame. Not Mia, though. Within weeks of being discovered, she was the most popular porn star in the industry, and the most Googled-for porn star of all time.

That Controversial Scene

What’s a girl to do when she’s got the world at her feet? Why, shock them, of course. And she did in the most insane way possible: by featuring in a sex scene wearing a Muslim hijab. If that’s not enough to stir up the hornet’s nest, we don’t know what is.

Death Threats

It sure did cause a stir. The Lebanese community reacted harshly to the scene, basically disowning her, and Muslim groups denounced the act of heresy with strong words. Not only that, but she also apparently got a death threat from ISIS – pictures of her “execution” sent to her through social media.

She Owns It, Though

All this attention didn’t faze Mia for a second. Rather than apologize for her actions, she owned them, saying that it was disappointing that something like that was taken so seriously. Despite her strong stance, the backlash did take its toll.

Quitting The Biz

After about half a year delighting everyone in the world with her bedroom antics, Mia decided to call it quits. It was a huge decision for the young woman, who was raking in the big bucks and courting offers from big-name producers everywhere.

A Rollercoaster Ride

Since the departure a couple of years back, the wild ride(s) haven’t ended for Mia. It turns out that once you become a celebrity, you’re pretty much a celeb forever. There’s been sightings and gossip, and if even half the rumors are true, it’s been quite the topsy turvy life.

Her New Job

Maybe the greatest thing to come out of all this, though, is the revelation that Mia Khalifa isn’t just some stunning honey – she’s also a wicked gamer. One of her new gigs, in fact, is streaming herself play a wide range of games on Twitch and YouTube, including GTAV. And damn, she’s actually pretty good.

The Fans Still Love Her

That might be the reason why her legacy has enduring long after she stopped stripping everything off for the camera. There’s not only the beautiful memories of the way she bangs, she bangs, but also her ability to basically boss everything she touches, like video games, sports commentary, and just being Mia Khalifa. The fans still can’t get enough.

Sometimes Even Too Much

Although the hardcore fans can still sometimes be a bit too much for her. She likes her private space, and in one recent incident, she ended up punching a guy who took a photo of her without even asking. Bet he wasn’t expecting that…

She Was Always Feisty

But that’s not Mia on a bad day – that’s just Mia all round. If you’re the best to her, and a good person, she’ll be just as sweet and lovely. On the other hand, she’s a true pocket rocket. If you cross her, you’re going to know about it pretty damn quickly.

Incredible Photos Of Her Early Career

So, what was she like before she even became a porn star? Well, these photos might reveal something of the hidden Khalifa, way back before anyone really knew her. This is from an event called Qrotica, run by radio station KLAQ. She might not have had the same sized assets, but she certainly had that same extroverted personality.

That’s Not All She Was Doing There

Mia was at the event as an anonymous guest, but with that incredible body paint, it didn’t take long for her to be noticed. That’s when the future Mia showed herself, and according to witnesses, she started giving out scorchingly hot lap dances to anyone within reach. Never change, Mia. Never change.

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