The New Kim Kardashian of Instagram Is Making People Go Crazy

Imagine a person with the face as beautiful as Gabrielle Union and a body as enviable as Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian. Well, you don’t have to put your imagination to much scrutiny, because we have pictures of a beauty from Instagram, who has the perfect face and body. While beauty is subjective, there is nobody that can deny the fact that curves make a figure perfect. This is exactly what our beauty has to offer, as she have curves that can make even Amber Heard jealous

Raven Loso- The Black Beauty from Insta

Instagram has made sharing photos easier for many. But the best gift from Insta took some time coming. Meet Raven Loso, who has the body who can put A-list celebs to shame. With a figure crafted to perfection, Raven is the epitome of beauty.

Compared to Many Celebs

Because she is being compared to many celebs, Raven’s rise to fame has been extremely drastic. Viewers have not shied away from mentioning how her figure beats that of the most famous Kardashian, Amber Heard and Blac Chyna combined

Her Face!

If Gabrielle Union ever had a busty twin, Raven would be her. She has such a gorgeous face that looks similar to that of the drop dead beautiful Gabrielle Union. Her smile has also been complimented to be similar to that of the beauty queen.

That Body!

If you were not the one to be deceived by cute faces, than Raven has a busty body to please you. She has a derriere that sticks out like Blac Chyna’s. Many have gone online comparing the two and have reached the conclusion that Raven is more natural.

That’s not all

If you thought having a cute face and killer curves was enough, Raven has topped all of them with goldilocks type curls. Her curls sway over her face and make her look ten times more beautiful. That is a lot of beauty to manage.

Her Lavish Curves

Her lavish curves have been host to numerous compliments from the general public. People have not held themselves back from letting her know that she is definitely the hottest thing they have ever seen; even hotter than Blac Chyna, Amber Heard and Kim K.

A Student

News coming from her personal life has mentioned that Raven is a student of clinical psychiatry at a school. She complements her life in school by being a dancer in a club by the name of Blue Fame. Tickets for the club have properly soared up high after her pictures went viral.


While men have not backed away from expressing their sheer amazement at how beautiful Raven looks, there have many girls who have ridiculed her because of jealousy. Girls, who are dead tired of their boyfriends complimenting the black beauty, have been seen bashing the poor soul for her lifestyle

She Knows What to Wear

Alas! How many beauties we have seen that catapulted towards failure due to their weird sense of dressing. Well, Raven is a rare exception and is here to stay for long. She dresses to perfection and does not compromise on being a total perfectionist when it comes to wearing the best outfits.

Been Linked to Many

Raven’s rise to success has not been ignored by male stars, as she has been linked with some of the most prominent male stars in the industry. News has it that the Instagram star has been the center of attraction for many men.

The Men She Has Been Linked With

The list of men that Raven has been linked with over the past couple of months is amazing. She has been romantically linked with celebrity J. Cole, Singer Drake and NBA player Nick Young. All three of them are prominent stars and were wooed over by Ravens’ amazing figure.

Starring in the Hotline Bling

Raven also starred in the hotline bling video by Drake. Raven was the center of all attention within the crew and directing team, with special attention from Drake as well. She had a good time on the sets and was host to a lot of men drooling over her.

She Keeps Herself Fit

Raven has kept herself extremely fit and has an exemplary figure. Her figure is a result of her fitness regime that consists of regular excursions coupled with a great diet. Although, her curves look naturally sexy, she has done a lot to keep them this way.

All Natural!

Raven has been hailed by many for having an all natural body. Most celebrities, who have a body comparable to Raven, have had to go under the knife for getting such a look. Raven, on the contrary, has kept things natural and has a natural sexiness to her curves.

Go Through Her Instagram

Ravens’ Instagram is a culmination of some of her best pictures and has the black beauty at her best. She looks drop dead gorgeous in all the pictures, as her busty assets steal the show. She has indeed set the gold standard for women to follow when it comes to beauty

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