Transgender Couple Reveal The ‘Father’ Is Pregnant By The ‘Mother’

They say love can be blind and does not require logic to be based upon. Well, if you ever had any doubts believing this quote then you couldn’t have been any more wrong. The story we have on our hands is the perfect example of how blind love is, but still this couple makes things work. Read their story and rejoice over love.

Transgender Couple

A transgender couple believed to be from Ecuador in South America is going to make history when they become parents this year. The couple had previously shocked the world with their marriage and now this revelation has sent the whole country into celebrations.

Diane Rodriguez

Diane Rodriguez, a transgender woman, is the female of the house and made the revelation through social media. Diane is a prominent activist for Transgender communities and shared the news over social media. Diane mentioned that boyfriend Fernando Machado is the father to their son.


Fernando Machado, who is a transgender man, is the father to the to-be born child. But, since both of them are transgender, Fernando is also the one who is pregnant with the child. So, the child is currently in Fernando’s stomach.

Got to Know Through Social Media

Both Mr. Machado and Ms. Rodriguez got to know each other back in 2013. They got to know each other through a social media page and soon found out that they were perfect for another. Their relationship has only gone forward after that.

Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado, the male in the relationship was born and spent his childhood in the state of Venezuela. He only made the move to come to Ecuador quite recently in a move to get to know his girlfriend more closely.

Ms Rodriguez

Unlike Fernando Machado, Ms Rodriguez was born and raised in Ecuador. Although, she was born as a male, she soon made her transition into a female and then even stood as the first candidate in the country’s history to run for Congress.

Different Struggles

Fernando Machado had the support of his family with him and didn’t have to do struggle hard for his acceptance. Unlike him, Ms. Rodriguez had to fight out for her awakening and was at one time forced to live on the streets.

Pregnancy announced online

The couple was really happy with the outcome of their marriage and was seen smiling ear to ear when the news regarding the child came out. Both of them had seen struggle in life, and for that struggle to end in such a way is heartwarming.

First in Ecuador

The occurrence of a transgender couple having a child of their own was the first time it occurred in the history of the whole country of Ecuador. Local residents reacted strongly to the news of the child and voiced their delight.

Their Right

After the news came out, Ms Rodriguez was seen talking to Mexican media. She mentioned how glad she was at how the whole process had phased out. She mentioned the whole process was natural and was their right, since both of them haven’t had lower body surgery.

Proud Parents-to-be

Both Ms Rodriguez and Mr. Machado are proud parents-to-be of a child that is all set to enter a tolerable world where everyone in Ecuador is joyous on the occasion. Fernando Machado is said to be 4 months pregnant.

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