Woman From China Banned From Wearing Leggings Because of This Reason

Our culture is obsessed with women’s bodies. And that is not just a trend in the U.S. All over the world women are judged and observed by their proportions and how their body looks in clothes. We are particularly obsessed with curves; being too curvy, or not curvy enough, or having curves that seem to defy reality. We are used to Latin cultures flaunting women with hour glass bodies, but in Asian cultures, where women tend to physically be more petite and less shapely, society has become obsessed with one particular woman whose assets have stunned a nation.

Beijing Babe

Gao Qian has been dubbed, “the most beautiful buttocks in China” by social media. Originally from Beijing this young beauty has been judged for her assets for years now. She claims that she has a hard time wearing tight clothing in public because the comments can be too much to handle.

A Title And A Curse

While Qian won an actual national competition in Beijing for the tittle of, “most beautiful buttocks in China” she claims that her notoriety comes at a price. She has to deal with many people staring and snickering behind her back when she walks by them, making her feel outcast.

A Lady In The Streets

19 year old Qian has commented that she can’t even wear tights when she goes out in public. The tight bottoms accentuate her backside and strangers walking by will point at her butt and make comments, so Qian tries to keep her backside hidden from view.

An Ass Worth Fighting For

Qian has talked about how her appearance in public has even caused fights to occur. Once a man made a comment about her butt to his wife and his wife become enraged and started to fight with the husband right in front of Qian, she found it very embarrassing.

Bum Contest

The competition, held annually in Shenyang China, is a spinoff of Brazils widely popular, “Miss BumBum” competition. Qian was crowed queen of the booty in June and her winnings have granted her national fame and recognition, something she thought would be great.

Top Of The Pack

The contest this year had over 50 contestants, who wore costumes and strutted the stage shaking, grinding and wiggling their booties for 7 judges off stage and a whole crowd of people watching from all over the county, enjoying the show and the women.

More Than Her Curves

In Qian’s daily life she is a very popular personal trainer and vlogger who has a world wide audience. She makes most of her income broadcasting live to viewers all over the world giving health and exercise advise where people pay to want to look like her.

Her Stats

As a personal trainer and avid workout babe, Qian, standing at 5’7” and 132 lbs, has been training for this competition for a long time without even realizing. Until her friends pointed out to her that she had a body that was made for this kind of thing.

It Takes Work To Be The Best

Now once Qian decided she wanted to be in this competition, she stopped at nothing to make sure her body was in the perfect condition to win. She worked everyday for 6 hours a day doing thousands of lunges and squats pushing her body to perfection.

Hard Work Pays Off

Qian claims that her success is purely because of her hard work denying any claims that she has gone under the knife in any way. She is proud of the fact that she is all natural and that people can see that her hard work has given her the results she has.

Body Positivity

Qian is all about the natural curves and the little extra padding. She claims that in order for a body to be curvy and beautiful the way people have found hers to be, a body needs to be a bit plump to fill out all the womanly curves and create the natural assets.

It’s All In The Genes

Qian says that she believes that Latina and white women have a genetic advantage over asian women when it comes to natural curvy bodies. She also believes that there is some cultural attributes against Asian women to embrace their curvy side.

Brazilian Dreams

Qians ultimate dream is to one day compete in the Brazilian “Mr BumBum” competition. She says she continues to work hard at sculpting her body and her booty to it’s fullest potential. Her many followers being some of her biggest supporters in her journey.

All Around Support

Despite her culture and family being more conservative in practice, her family has been extremely supportive in her efforts to achieve her dreams. She says even her father has granted her his blessing and wishes her the best of luck at her competitions.

More Than Fitness

The company that hosts the famous event in Beijing are also a well known fitness company. They have stated that they chose to start this competition because of the high demand for entertainment and erotic stimulation in the general population.

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