15 Fruits With Very Low Calories To Help You Lose Weight

15. Guavas

37 calories for each 1 (55 g) guava

We have talked a ton about vitamin C in this article. Well if there is one go to organic product for this vitamin, it would be the guava. Weight for weight, it contains 4 times the measure of vitamin C that oranges have, making it extraordinary compared to other sources that there is.

Guavas are a tropical organic product that numerous individuals may not know about. They have a green external skin and a flawless pink hued inward substance. Whenever you go shopping for food, inquire as to whether they have guava. You might be agreeably astounded to discover that this delectable organic product was accessible where you experience from the start.


By far most of natural products are low in calories, on account of their high water and fiber content. The table underneath gives calorie data to 100 g of sustenances named natural products.

Fruit          Calories

Tomatoes 18

Eggplant 25

Lemons 29

Watermelon 30

Limes 30

Grapefruit 32

Strawberries 32

Cantaloupe 34

Honeydew 36

Peaches 39

Blackberries 43

Papaya 43

Plums 46

Cranberries 46

Oranges 47

Apricots 48

Cherries 50

Pineapples 50

Apples 52

Raspberries 52

Tangerines 53

Blueberries 57

Pears 57

Mangoes 60

Kiwifruit 61

Guavas 68

Grapes 69

Figs 74

Pomegranates 83

Bananas 89

Energy Fruit 97

Olives 115

Persimmons 127

Avocados 160

Prunes 240

Dates 282

Raisins 299

You should plan to eat around 2 servings of meaty organic product every day (a measure of plump natural product is 1 serving). In the event that you lead a functioning way of life, you can eat more natural product.

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