15 Kid Stars Who’ve Grown Up And Still Look Impressive

On-screen characters as a rule need to change their searches for motion picture jobs. How would they figure out how to dependably look great and keep their own attributes, highlights, and style?

DailyLists needs you to examine 15 VIPs who’ve been partaking in movies since youth despite everything they look stunning.

15. Christina Ricci

© Casper/Universal Studios © Lizzie Borden Took an Ax/Sony Pictures Television

15-year-old Christina played in Casper, a film about a neighborly phantom. after 19 years, the on-screen character showed up on screen as the picture of Lizzie Borden, the primary character in Lizzie Borden Took an Ax.

14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

© Third Rock from the Sun/NBC © Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Eastnews

At 15 years old, Gordon-Levitt got his job in the third Rock from the Sun TV arrangement that made the performing artist well known. Today Joseph is a famous on-screen character, movie executive, maker, and arranger.

13. Scarlett Johansson

© Ghost World/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer © Avengers: Infinity War/Marvel Studios

Scarlett has been partaking in motion pictures since she was 10. One of her most brilliant jobs as a young person was the picture of Rebecca in Ghost World. With respect to today, the performing artist is the legend of films dependent on well known funnies.

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