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15 Of The Most Bright “Miss World” Beauty Queens In History

It was established in 1951 by a British advertising agent named Eric Morley.

It was set up in 1951 by a British promoting specialist named Eric Morley. It was at first visualized as an erratic occasion, yet it ended up being popular to the point that it turned into a yearly occasion.

We chose a few pictures of the 15 most dazzling victors of this opposition. We let it be known was no simple assignment to choose best from the not insignificant rundown of the most unimaginably delightful ladies the world has ever observed.

Susana Duijm, Venezuela

Miss World 1955

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Venezuela holds the record for winning the Miss World rivalry. All things considered, delegates from this nation have won a sum of multiple times, and Susana was the first of them to do as such. Because of this title, she could dispatch an acting vocation and work as a TV moderator.

Penelope Coelen, South Africa

Miss World 1958

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This 18-year-old young lady, who functioned as a secretary, enchanted the group of onlookers and turned into the main champ of the opposition from South Africa. She later came back to South Africa, got hitched, and has been a woman of high society from that point onward. She has five children and three grandsons. Coelen has an enthusiasm for photography and is the proprietor of a delight salon. A sort of rose has been named after her: the Rosa Penny Coelen.

Ann Sidney, United Kingdom

Miss World 1964

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Ann Sidney was the second delegate from her nation to win the Miss World rivalry. After her triumph, Ann played various minor jobs on TV, incorporating into The Avengers and Are You Being Served? She additionally featured in the James Bond motion picture You Only Live Twice.

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