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15 Picture Cartoon Characters You In All Probability Never Knew Were Impressed By Real Folks

#4 Vultures From The Jungle Book (The Beatles)

Vultures From The Jungle Book (The Beatles)

The makers of The Jungle Book pointed high when they chose to get The Beatles to voice the vultures, anyway the offer was rapidly shot down when John Lennon declined. This didn’t prevent the illustrators from making the characters look like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Not exclusively do the vultures reemble the notorious band individuals, they likewise share Liverpudlian articulations with them.

#5 Betty Boop (Helen Kane)

Betty Boop (Helen Kane)

Another notorious character from “once upon a time”, Betty Boop was initially made as an exaggeration of Helen Kane, an American vocalist who picked up distinction by mimicking the style of dark artist Baby Esther Jones. Despite the fact that Betty was initially a human French poodle, as she turned into the star of her own kid’s shows, Boop was changed into a full human. Kane wound up suing Max Fleischer and Paramount for misusing her… Read More

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