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15 Signs That Your Man Actually Loves You

Love on the screen and in romantic books makes us think that a man who sincerely loves a woman should always bring her huge amounts of flowers and jewelry, do crazy things, and save the world (at least once). But when we don’t receive such love…Cole Damon March 26th 2018 Lifestyle

If only it were as easy as using a device to scrutinize someone’s true intentions. Unfortunate as it is, human emotions are not easy to decode unless they admit their feelings to you without a tinge of lie in their words. But there are always psychological cues for those with the proper understanding. These 15 signs will help you decode his true intents.

He listens to you

When you speak, he remains silent and tries to make appropriate eye contact with you. He only speaks when it is time for him to speak. One thing to watch out for is whether he looks bored or not.

He bonds with you family members

Your best friends and family members always have the best intentions in their heart for you. If they are able to bond over this guy without any problems, it definitely means that you have landed yourself a keeper.

He involves you in his conversations

The man is adamant about making you privy to most of his conversations. Whenever he goes outside, he is keen on taking you along with him. This means he is proud of you hanging out with him.

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