15 Superhero Cartoon Cameos That Were Imagined To Happen (But Ne’er Did).

The ’90s were a sorcerous time for comic books, particularly on TV. Shows like Batman

The ’90s were a witching time for comic books, particularly on TV. Shows like Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men raised the bar for Saturday morning cartoons. They showed that superhero cartoons may tell advanced, mature and even long-form stories. With their successes came a wave of animation, abundant of it even as nice. Spider-Man: The Animated Series is additionally usually thought of to be a classic, and shows like Iron Man and Fantastic Four eventually found their groove. whereas things were wonderful for many of the last decade, things began to disintegrate towards the top. Marvel filed for bankruptcy protection, and plenty of of its partnerships fell apart, inflicting several of their self-made TV shows to finish untimely.


Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) favourite to own different superheroes guest star. different heroes like Daredevil, the superb Four, Iron Man and even the X-Men showed up, whereas even a number of Marvel’s a lot of mature rated characters appeared, like Blade and also the Punisher. One notable absence was Ghost Rider, that is strange as a result of he was very hip throughout the time of the cartoon’s production.

It seems, Ghost Rider was purported to show up in associate episode wherever he would facilitate Spider-Man fight Mysterio, WHO would’ve teamed up with Dormammu. It’s been reportable, however, that Marvel was making an attempt to induce a Ghost Rider series into production on UPN, and since Spider-Man ventilated on Fox, the network didn’t need to push a rival’s property. By the time Ghost Rider’s series was off the table, Spider-Man had been off.


Batman: The Animated Series could be one in every of the foremost fashionable renditions of the caped crusader, ever. The show, whereas created for youths, was able to tell some fairly mature storylines, just like the tragic Heart of Ice or effort of Clay. One concept that was thought of simply an excessive amount of for youngsters, however, concerned the character Nocturna, WHO 1st appeared in attendant #363 (1983) by Doug Moench and Don Newton.

This version of the character would’ve been a lamia, transferral the supernatural bloodsuckers to Gotham. One plot purpose of the show would have concerned attendant being bit by a lamia and turning into one. Apparently, this was an excessive amount of for Wb, WHO aforementioned no to the episode, as apparently they didn’t need kids to envision attendant desire human blood.


During its 5 season run, Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) did a fairly smart job of introducing most of the wall crawler’s rogues gallery, even as well as some lesser famed villains cherish the Spot and large Wheel. The one major exception was the pixie, WHO ne’er appeared within the series in any respect. Flint Marko is one in every of Spider-Man’s most unforgettable and longest-lasting enemies, 1st showing all the means back in wonderful Spider-Man #4 (1963) by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The issue was that, early within the series’ run, there was conjointly a Spider-Man picture in development, and a version of pixie was purported to seem because the villain. That picture ne’er happened, and Marko was set to look within the show’s sixth season. sadly, Spider-Man was off when the fifth season, exploit Marko within the dirt (or sand).

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