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16 Ridiculous Web Myths That Folks Still Believe — It’s Time To Prevent

Throughout the whole course of human history, myths are told.

Legend 15. Nikola Tesla was a dip teacher.

This is an awesome photograph, yet tragically the man caught on it isn’t Nikola Tesla despite the fact that he looks a considerable measure like the renowned creator. The photo was taken in 1898 when Tesla was 42 years of age and this swimming teacher clearly looks more youthful. Also, it’s improbable that Tesla required this activity since he was doing quite well around then.

Legend 14. James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, needed to wear his ensemble in London since he was restricted from clubs due to his race

This is a fascinating legend, however the photograph was taken in 1979 in London, where there were no “white just” clubs. As per Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, Jones never put on the Darth Vader outfit.

David Prowse who played Vader in the first set of three likewise denies his quality in this photograph saying that the ensemble looks “excessively shabby” and the individual who is wearing it is “not sufficiently enormous to be Darth Vader.” It was most likely only a fan who was unintentionally mistaken for a performing artist.

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