16 Surprising Earth Science Facts They Didn’t Teach America In College

11. The Dingo Fence in Australia is longer than the Chinese—Russian fringe.

© Peter Woodard/wikipedia © jason_she/wikipedia

In the nineteenth century, sheep cultivating was a basic segment of the economy in Australia. During the 1880s, ranches chose to assemble a fence that could shield the sheep rushes from dingoes. This fence is 3,488 mi long. Incidentally, the Chinese—Russian fringe is 2,615.5 mi long.

10. The world’s biggest desert is situated in Antarctica.

© Stephen Hudson/wikimedia © Luca Galuzzi/wikimedia

A desert isn’t constantly about sweltering climate and sand. Truth be told, a desert is a dry district, where there is no water, rain, snow, trees, or plants. Along these lines, cool locales can likewise be viewed as deserts.

So the Antarctic desert is the biggest desert on the planet: its territory is 5,400,000 sq mi.

The Sahara is the biggest hot desert and the third biggest desert among every one of the deserts on Earth.

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