16 Surprising Earth Science Facts They Didn’t Teach America In College

7. In Canada, there’s an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

© Connormah/wikipedia

Victoria Island on the guide of Canada.

Victoria Island is an extensive island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It’s an island inside an island inside an island. Coincidentally, it’s likely never had a human guest.

6. Caverns Er Wang Dong and Hang Son Doong are big to the point that they have their very own atmospheres.

Er Wang Dong Cave [Robbie Shone] [2000x1333]

Er Wang Dong is situated in China. The present length of its entries is 138,251 ft. It’s huge to the point that it has its own atmosphere and plants. Local people more often than not anticipate the climate by watching the give in. In this way, if it’s foggy inside, it’ll be stormy outside.

Son Doong cave, Laos-Vietnam border, Vietnam

Hang Son Doong is situated in Vietnam. Its profundity is around 500 ft. There’s a waterway inside that surges a few zones amid downpours. There are likewise plants and trees inside.

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