16 Surprising Earth Science Facts They Didn’t Teach America In College

5. The Appalachian Mountains are getting shorter and the Himalayas are getting taller.

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The Appalachian Mountains are an arrangement of mountains in eastern North America. Their rise is 6,684 ft. They aren’t that tall in contrast with the Rocky Mountains (14,440 ft) and the Himalayas (29,029 ft.) But in the past’s the Appalachians were taller than the Himalayas. The thing is, the Himalayas are more youthful regardless they’re expanding in light of the fact that the development of India keeps on putting tremendous weight on the Asian mainland. The Appalachians were framed a similar route however there’s no power pushing them up today.

4. In Mauritius, there’s a territory of sand ridges that has sand in 7 unmistakable hues.

You’ll have an opportunity to appreciate 7 unique shades of sand: red, dark colored, purple, green, blue, violet, and yellow. These sands immediately settle in various layers. On the off chance that you get a bunch and blend it in your grasp, the sands will isolate by their hues.

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