16 Surprising Earth Science Facts They Didn’t Teach America In College

3. Australia’s Anna Creek Station is bigger than Israel’s region.

© Kerry Raymond/wikipedia © wikimedia

Anna Creek Station is the world’s biggest working steers station. It has a zone of 9,142 sq mi while Israel has a region of 8,019– 8,522 sq mi.

The station was set up in 1863.

2. The Diomede Islands are 2.4 mi, a universal fringe, and 21 hours separated.

© Dave Cohoe/wikimedia

The perspective of the islands from the north.

These islands are situated amidst the Bering Strait. The western Ratmanov Island has a place with Russia and the eastern Krusenstern Island has a place with the USA. The islands are isolated by a universal outskirt and the International Date Line. Thus, when it’s Saturday at 6 AM on the American island, it’s Sunday at 9 AM on the Russian island.

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