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17 Celebrities Who Have Totally Different Real Names (You Recognize Farrokh Bulsara Extremely Well)

Some actors and singers prefer victimisation stage names or merely shortening their own names.

A few on-screen characters and vocalists lean toward utilizing stage names or essentially shortening their very own names. Much of the time, big names utilize their epithets from their adolescence, names of their good examples, and in some cases it’s simply a question of shot.

DailyLists has gathered well known individuals who utilize epithets rather than their genuine names. We wagered you didn’t think about some of them.

Stevie Wonder — Stevland Hardaway Morris

© Vince Bucci/Fox/PictureGroup/East News

At the point when 11-year-old Stevland Hardaway Morris was taken to a tryout where CEO Berry Gordy worked. He truly emerged, to the point that Gordy called him “a ponder.” After that it stuck and the name Gordy gave him transformed him into Little Stevie Wonder.

Lana Del Rey — Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

© Steve Ross/Capital Pictures/East News

Before she moved toward becoming Lana Del Rey, the artist utilized her abbreviated name Lizzy Grant and was known as Sparkle Jump Rope Queen. She thought of Lana Del Rey amid one of her outings to Miami where she was propelled by talking a great deal of Spanish with her companions from Cuba.

Woman Gaga — Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

© Paul Marks/Broadimage/East News

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta got her epithet toward the start of her profession after she begun working with lyricist Rob Fusari in 2006. Once, she parodied Freddie Mercury singing Radio Ga-Ga and Rob called her Lady Gaga.

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