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17 Very Weird Drinks You Would Consider Regarding Tasting

14. Farm Dressing Soda

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Lester Fixins is known for making uncommon soft drink flavors and the Ranch Dressing soft drink is one of them. As indicated by one bold tester, the soft drink smells like blue cheddar and rotten feet. Be that as it may, it suggests a flavor like sugar and coconut however the general experience wasn’t something to rehash. In case regardless you’re willing to attempt it, you can purchase a 6-pack for $14.99.

15. Garlic Coca Cola and Pepsi Cappuccino

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In 2017, garlic Coca-Cola was discharged in Japan and numerous individuals went insane for it. The formula is very basic — simply customary Coca-Cola blended with some ground garlic. In a similar insane way, Pepsi discharged a cappuccino season for the most part in Russia, Romania, and other European nations. Nonetheless, it has been suspended and it is difficult to discover it anyplace.


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