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18 Actors Who Appeared In Remakes Of Their Movies Years Later

It’s always a joy to see our favourite actors years later, especially if they come back to the movies we have a tendency to all love.

It’s dependably a delight to see our most loved performing artists years after the fact, particularly on the off chance that they come back to the motion pictures we as a whole love. What’s more, it appears that motion picture chiefs like these appearances no short of what we do since performers from the first cast unquestionably add something extremely unique to changes — particularly when there’s an extremely cool relationship with the first form.

Here at DailyLists, we’ve gathered some appearance appearances of unique cast individuals in changes.

Ricki Lake (Hairspray), 1988 — 2007

© Hairspray/New Line Cinema © Hairspray/New Line Cinema

Ricki Lake, who played the fundamental character Tracy in 1988’s Hairspray showed up toward the finish of 2007’s redo viewing the last show. And keeping in mind that she may have changed, her hair was as yet the equivalent.

Jerry Stiller (Hairspray), 1988 — 2007

© Hairspray/New Line Cinema © Hairspray/New Line Cinema

Jerry Stiller played Tracy’s dad in the 1988 film and returned in 2007 as Mr. Pinky, the proprietor of a ladies’ dress boutique who needed Tracy to be his representative. What’s more, it would seem that he’s the special case who hasn’t changed at all over those 19 years!

Bill Murray (Ghostbusters), 1984 — 2016

© Ghost Busters/Columbia Pictures Industries © Ghostbusters/Columbia Pictures Industries

Murray played one of the principle characters, Dr. Subside Venkman, in the first Ghostbusters film (1984). While he battled apparitions in 1984, in the 2016 female-driven variant, he shows up as an extraordinary doubter endeavoring to expose the new Ghostbusters.

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