18 Movie Stars Who Acted Identical Role In Each Film

Not all performers get a kick out of the chance to explore different avenues regarding their jobs. A few performing artists appear to know precisely what equation works for them, and the group of onlookers adores to see them play a similar sort of jobs — like Vin Diesel’s macho magnetism or Jennifer Aniston’s ‘maid in trouble’s persona. Regardless of whether it’s out of decision or by shot, nobody’s whining on the grounds that they give us some fantastic blockbusters and shows.

DailyLists has arranged a rundown of on-screen characters who wind up assuming entirely comparative jobs in various movies. It’s exceptionally fascinating to perceive how they’ve cut out an effective specialty for themselves!

1. Michelle Rodriguez

© Girlfight/Screen Gems © The Fast and the Furious/Universal Pictures © The Fast and the Furious/Universal Pictures

Regardless of whether it’s Girlfight (2011), The Fast and Furious arrangement, Resident Evil, or Avatar (2009), you’ll generally observe Michelle Rodriguez playing the character of a boss lady who’s hard to break. She can punch, she can kick, and she’s encompassed by weapons and explosives. Michelle clarifies why she picks these power-pressed jobs, “All through my 15-year vocation, I’ve generally had this fight. I speak to this particular statistic: Tomgirls. You don’t have a considerable measure of them in Hollywood, and gatherings of people regard that. I have to speak to those young ladies or ladies think’s identity cool.”

2. Steve Carell

© The 40-Year-Old Virgin/Universal Pictures © Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy/DreamWorks Pictures © The 40-Year-Old Virgin/Universal Pictures

A hero with a dash of mockery and a suit, this is exemplary Steve Carell. He’s dependably “a great kid” with flawless comic planning; his characters dependably need to manage a young lady who abandons him or with him attempting the entire film to get one. Take Crazy, Stupid Love (2011), Get Smart (2008), and 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) for instance. He stated, “I never suspected that I would turn into a comedic performing artist. My purpose was to attempt and bring home the bacon as a performing artist. I kind of fell into the entire thought of satire. It’s nothing that I at any point prepared to be or figured I would be.”

3. Jennifer Aniston

© The Switch/Miramax Films © Just Go With It/Columbia Pictures © Horrible Bosses 2/Warner Bros. Pictures

She’s known to assume the jobs where she’s fundamentally not rich, dependably in trouble, and progressing in the direction of making her life right. What’s more, she generally winds up becoming hopelessly enamored with the person she loathes or opposes enjoying — like in Just Go With It (2011), The Bounty Hunter (2010), and The Switch (2010). About her acting vocation, she stated, “I didn’t consider myself to be anything. I was simply endeavoring to get past the day. In 6th grade, I would compose productions and act them out with two or three companions and we thought we were silly. Or then again we would go to Central Park, and when the cherry blooms were in blossom we would carry on scenes from The Wizard of Oz.”

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