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19 Astonishing Facts That Appear Faux Initially Look


Ann Hodges is the main individual to survive a shooting star strike.

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American Ann Elizabeth Hodges was the first since forever lady on Earth to survive an effect of an extraterrestrial protest (November 30, 1954, close Sylacauga, AL). A grapefruit-sized shooting star part slammed through the top of her home, ricocheted off a radio, and hit her while she was thinking about a love seat. Before long, Ann turned out to be a significant VIP.

Source: harvard, harvard


Koalas are the main creatures with a special unique mark design, similar to people.

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Teacher Maciej Henneberg from Adelaide University demonstrated there are no contrasts between the fingerprints of koalas and people. Indeed, even a magnifying lens scanner can’t discover them. So it turns out koalas are the main creature, aside from people, that have one of a kind unique mark designs.

Source: livescience


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