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19 Footage Showing What A Friend Zone Of The 99th Level Is Like

The word ‘companion zone’ turned into a piece of our life as speedy as the words ‘selfie’ and ‘showroom.’ However, not at all like the last 2 words, ‘companion zone’ is constantly articulated with a spot of mockery and empathy. Also, numerous individuals are by and by comfortable with the new term.

DailyLists discovered 19 folks who’ve heard the expression “I cherish you like a companion” from the young lady they had always wanted in any event once in their life.

1. “It appears I’ve entered another zone….. The ‘child’ zone….”

© ThatHammadi/Twitter

2. He is as yet unconscious that he has just been companion zoned.

© thatsagoodmeme/Reddit

3. Perhaps it’s to improve things?

© Gaster/Pikabu

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