20 Hilarious Moments That Make Parenting General Fun.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up,” said well-known Spanish painter, sculptor and designer Pablo Picasso. Kids’ creativity and imaginations have no limits and they fill their parents’ life with fun, laughter, and surprises. Take a look at some of these kids’ most hilarious moments caught on camera along with a bonus picture perfectly portraying the mood every parent has felt at least once in their life.

DailyLists has collected a series of shots where kids showed their artistic nature and boundless imagination in funny scenarios.

1. A striking resemblance!

© anxwz / Twitter

2. Some kids are born disciplined.

© acidcow.com

3. This cow must have done something terrible…

© jackyjohnson76 / Imgur

4. “My son’s hide-and-go-seek spot”

© GarbageDumpOfAssholz / Reddit

5. First steps in make-up…

© _aleksashka._ / Instagram

6. This girl drew a pillow on the pavement and went down for a nap.

© Gridim / Pikabu

7. “My daughter’s Tamagotchi died today.”

© d00110111010 / Reddit

8. The way this kid is sleeping

© AirmanAJK / Reddit

9. This is what it means to have your own opinion:

© acidcow.com

10. “Her teacher specifically requested the kids try their best to spell out the words.”

© unknown / Imgur

11. “There’s a bear in the kitchen raiding our freezer. What do I do? Do I feed her?”

© _hayleymwright / Twitter

12. “For her 10th birthday, my daughter wanted lasagna.”

© Johnnyoneshot / Reddit

13. Spider-gargoyle

© acidcow.com

14. When Christmas gets you down:

© gulkashpulka / Instagram

15. Generosity in its purest form

© acidcow.com

16. Teamwork

© unknown / Imgur

17. Can you find a child in this pic?

© acidcow.com

18. Who knew dishwashers were so functional?

© acidcow.com

19. Meet the kid with the most elaborate imagination!

© acidcow.com

20. They’ve reached a compromise.

© acidcow.com

BONUS: “The wife and I had a night away from the 2-year-old. I think she enjoyed herself at the baseball game.”

© Oggydog89 / Reddit

Which of the pictures made you laugh? Did you recognize your children in any of the shots? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments!

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