Britain’s Oldest Man With Down Syndrome Celebrates 77th Birthday, Says Dancing Keeps Him Young

Georgie Wildgust functioned as a nursery worker and a floor covering producer. He characteristics moving and his group of friends for his long life.

The most established man in England with Down’s Disorder praised his 77th birthday celebration astounding his family and individuals around the globe for living so long in spite of his ailment.

The consideration home where he stays ensured Georgie Willgust had an awesome time on his unique day that falls on August 16. He was all grins and looked amazingly glad on the day. He was encompassed by the entirety of his friends and family. Family and companions ensured they were at the Watcombe Bazaar care home in Nottingham, where Wildgust has lived throughout the previous 25 years.

A little gathering was composed on the event. At the point when asked what was the key to his long life, he ascribed moving and dynamic public activity to his life span.

Nikki Wright is Wildgust’s niece who visits him consistently at the home. As indicated by her, the explanation her uncle has lived for such a long time is essentially that he has consistently been very much dealt with, as indicated by a People report.

She included, “It’s stunning for him to get to this age. My grandmother was told he would not live recent years-old in view of his Down disorder. Be that as it may, they weren’t right. Take a gander at him now.” Wildgust filled in as a plant specialist and floor covering producer before resigning and entered the consideration home in 1993.


He has lived there since and shares the home with 12 different occupants who have turned into his closest companions. One of them is his better half named Lorraine who moved out as of late.

Kimberley Taylor, a staff part at the consideration home, stated, “Truly, each and every day you come to work he will make you grin.” Discussing the great consideration that Wildgust gets at the home, Wright stated, “regardless he is and they ruin him spoiled. He is extremely glad here and is encompassed by 12 different inhabitants who are around a similar age.”


She included, “He was consistently told by his mum that he can do anything and thus, he has consistently been free.” Wildgust, who has two kin – a more youthful sibling named Colin who kicked the bucket at 71 years old years old around 3 years prior and his sister, Jean Yessyan, 79, who is in Australia.

He frequently talks with her over Skype. In a video that was made to respect Wildgust on his birthday, he illuminated different features of his life.

We previously disclosed to you that Wildgust preferences moving. In the video, he is gotten some information about his preferred program and he says it is Carefully Come Moving, a prevalent move appear in England.

Javine Lacey, an aide at the consideration home called Wildgust a “wonder,” and discussed how he “skiped back” from an ongoing ailment and other medical problems. Wright, be that as it may, says this is nothing remarkable for her uncle.

“He was consistently told by his mum that he can do anything and hence, he has consistently been extremely autonomous,” she stated, as indicated by the Post. “He doesn’t care for being determined what to do truly, yet I do believe that is the reason he has arrived at 77,” Wright included.

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