Guava Leaves Recipes For Weight Loss

How to utilize guava leaves for weight reduction?

For the most part individuals lean toward drinking guava leaves tea for shedding pounds. You can likewise dry guava leaves and make fine powder and expend it to get more fit. The formulas are given underneath:

Guava Leaves Tea for Weight Loss

guava leaves tea

guava leaves teaGuava leaves tea is known to have many recuperating properties and have much more medical advantages than simply weight reduction, which I am will talk about further in last area. Until further notice, how about we read how we can make guava leaves tea to shed pounds.

You will require:

6-7 crisp guava takes off

1 cinnamon stick

1 squeeze cardamom powder

One glass water

1 mulethi


  1. Keep a glass of water to bubble in a container
  2. Put guava leaves, cinnamon stick, mulethi powder, and cardamom in it
  3. Give it a chance to bubble for 15-20 mins
  4. Channel the tea and drink hot

You can likewise include 1 teaspoon of nectar for a sweet taste. Try not to utilize sugar or drain. One glass of guava leaves tea is sufficient in multi day.

Best time to drink guava leaves tea

The best time to drink guava leaves tea is during the evening after supper or in morning before breakfast. This tea helps your stomach related framework and works best after supper.

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