Guava Leaves Recipes For Weight Loss

Guava Leaves Powder For Losing Fat

guava leaves powder

guava leaves powderAnother way you can devour guava leaves is in the powder frame. We should perceive how to make guava leaves powder.

You will require:

Dried guava leaves (Around 100 gm)

Cinnamon sticks (4-5 sticks)

Carom seed, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, dill seeds and fenugreek seeds (100 gram on the whole)

Dark salt (1 teaspoon)


Cook every one of the seeds in microwave or dry container over a fire.

Mix every one of the fixings together in a fine glue.

Store in a hermetically sealed compartment.

Best time to eat

The best time to eat this powder is toward the beginning of the day and night after your dinner. It will enable you to process your sustenance better.

You should just eat ½ teaspoon of this powder after each feast.

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