Jon Stewart And His Wife Opened A 12-Acre Sanctuary For Abused Animals

Jon Stewart has been a colossal motivation for every one of us. The famous humorist utilized his impact to support 9/11 firemen and servicemen. Today, he safeguards creatures and battles for their privileges. Creatures can’t represent themselves, isn’t that so?

In 2015, Stewart and his better half, Tracey, settled in a homestead in New Jersey. The homestead turned into a haven for salvage creatures, including numerous creatures spared from production line ranches.


Toward the start, the Hockhockson Homestead was a home for two pigs, three hares, two guinea pigs, four pooches, two fish and a winged animal. The couple intends to include an instructive focus.


In not so distant future, the homestead may turn into a sheltered home for goats, turkeys, pigs, sheep, and dairy animals.

Jon’s better half is a vegetarian, and her book enables individuals to comprehend and adore creatures. Tracey was Jon’s greatest motivation. As indicated by them, the ranch is set to turn into the New Jersey part of Homestead Haven.

Jon likes to represent the individuals who lost all sense of direction in this huge world without anybody close by. The homestead isn’t available to general society, and they aren’t searching for any volunteers.

The Hockhockson Ranch Establishment invites creatures who need salvage from Homestead Haven’s Ranch Creature Selection System. They have helped a great deal of creatures, including a goat that was meandering a building site in the Bronx.

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