Lose Weight With The Magic Effects of Tea, Juice and Mint Leaves

5. Mint and Green Tea

mint green tea

mint green teaYes, welcome tea and mint equivalents to Jackpot for getting in shape. Here is the formula:

Fixings required

Green Tea Leaves

10-15 mint clears out


  1. Heat up a glass of water in the skillet
  2. Include green tea leaves and mint leaves in it for 20 minutes
  3. Serve and drink hot

You can likewise purchase mint enhanced green tea on the web or in your closest supermarket and drink it frequently to shed pounds.

Precautionary measures for expending mint

  1. Try not to expend excessively of mint in multi day
  2. Breastfeeding mothers ought to maintain a strategic distance from mint tea as it can influence their youngster’s mental health
  3. Pregnant ladies ought to likewise maintain a strategic distance from a lot of utilization of mint as it can cause genuine entanglements and even unsuccessful labor.

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