Researchers Assert We May Be Interminable in 17 Years

Who wouldn’t like to live until the end of time? Demise prompts a dull endless pit which nobody has possessed the capacity to portray with culminate exactness. It is something we as a whole will definitely experience, however won’t have the capacity to transmit the data back to the domain of the individuals who are as yet alive. Researchers have discovered 15 different ways that we could really use to take a stab at bamboozling passing – yet could innovation empower this in the years to come? Read on to discover more.

The telomerase protein

The human body in the end crumbles and loses its power. The skin will free its flexibility and the bones will end up feeble. This is on the grounds that telomerase get worn and harmed with time. On the off chance that researchers can design telomerase, it could turn around maturing.

Transferring your memory

So imagine a scenario in which the body disintegrates into dust and deteriorates into fragile bones. A strategy called cerebrum copying can permit your whole ‘being’ or ‘quintessence’ to get transferred on a PC where you can hold your identity.

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