Spider-Man 3 Will Feature The MCU Symbiotes

okay marvel i need to level with you me and the internet have been talking and it’s very clear that we want the same thing here we want to see the spider-man and venom franchises cross over like always though you need fans like me to figure out how to make that happen don’t worry kevin feige i know exactly how to drop the symbiotes into the new spider-man we’ve all seen enough mcu spidey films to know that all roads lead back to tony stark the franchise loves to play that whole sins of the father angle where peter has to clean up the messes caused by his superhero mentor while also trying to emulate him as best as he can so if the symbiotes are going to appear in the mcu you just know that it’s gonna be tony stark’s fault this makes a lot of sense if you think about it after the events of the avengers tony stark was pretty messed up he became pretty obsessed with all things alien to the point where he literally made a super villain robot out of that paranoia so it would make perfect sense if he created a part of stark industries that was entirely dedicated to researching all things alien a symbiote could very easily have been captured for this kind of privatized area 51 style deal now that tony stark has sacrificed it all to save the world it seems quite likely that pepper potts might take an early retirement that could easily lead to someone like norman osborne to buy stark industries and all the alien slime monsters that come with it while tony would never consider doing shady experiments with an alien that’s like norman osborne’s wheelhouse who would he get to participate in these very illegal experiments how about someone like mack gargan who wouldn’t think twice about volunteering for something like that matt gargan extensive criminal record including homicide this could set gargan to become the mcu version of venom normie looking to scoop up the superhero business stark left out would sell gargan as the newest hero on the street this could easily lead to something like the sinister six being set up as marvel’s dark avengers who wouldn’t want to see an iron man style green goblin the first step to this proving his venom could get the job done obviously he would do this by setting his new superhero on one of new york’s biggest threats the notorious villain spider-man we all saw spider-man far from home it was a nice romp in europe that served as a breath of fresh air after the emotional rollercoaster that was endgame the citizens of the mcu though they saw a very different series of events to them they saw a new hero named mysterio rise up to fight these fierce elemental monsters only for him to be cruelly taken out by spider-man revealed to be peter parker frankly this sounds like a pretty solid setup for a standard marvel movie a hero gets taken out by a traitor forcing a new hero to come in and get justice this basically sets venom up to be the batman of the mcu as far as the average daily bugle-loving joe is concerned so gargan would be on the prowl hunting down pete along with other potential heroes and villains like craven the hunter and silver sable ultimately the biggest threat would be gargan whose specific power set would make it difficult for spidey to get the edge things would change though when the symbiote would decide that spider-man was a much more interesting host than gargan it would abandon the human in favor of peach turning him into the black suited spidey we all love from the comics the new powers peter would get from this would allow him to fight off the other threats against him with much greater ease the only problem is that it would cause him to get darker and to dance like an idiot pelvic thrusting in the street meanwhile gargan would be eager for a rematch he would volunteer for more shady oscorp experiments including a captain america style super soldier serum and an iron man style exo suit this combination would turn him into the scorpion the ultimate spidey monster peter would take on gargan again beating him up for the third time in their long rivalry the symbiote would encourage him to take gargan down once and for all but peter would resist this and abandon the symbiote he would defeat the scorpion but gargan would win in the end by getting reunited with the symbiote once and for all thanks to all the experiments that gargan has helped oscorp with norman would be ready to launch the sinister six a threat so large one spider-man wouldn’t be enough every single rumor about the future of the spider-man franchise points to the idea that we will see a live-action spider-verse in the near future doctor strange and the multiverse of madness and jamie foxx’s electoral returning both point to a big multiversal reveal this could lead to the greatest spidey team-up ever that means that toby maguire andrew garfield miles morales and peter b parker’s spideys could all be teaming up with tom holland not only that but tom hardy’s eddie brock could easily join in on the fun if you’re gonna have that much superhero power in one movie you need all the villains to take them on as the sinister six takes on the spider vengers there could be one special grudge match that could make the dreams come true we didn’t even realize we’d always needed venom vs venom gargan vs brock the ultimate battle to determine who the number one venom truly is the big get for this fight is that gargan would have a massive advantage over eddie he would have that scorpion exo suit super soldier strength and the symbiote against eddie honestly though this is eddie brock we’re talking about here he is the venom somehow this underdog will pull it through and take gargan out this could even lead to a venomverse movie that could throw in the black ops flash thompson venom for the ultimate venom crossover the three venoms could unite to take down the symbiote god null who can control a legion of symbiotes really once you start expanding on the symbiote mythos and the various venoms out there the sky really is the limit we could easily live in a world where all of our venom dreams come true in the near future excited i know i am see ya so what do you guys think about the possibility of a venomverse spinning out of the mcu if that makes you as stoked as it makes me