Spiral Up Into The Treetops In Denmark’s Cool New Forest Adventure

There is another traveler goal for guests to Denmark. A charming woodland walkway opened that urge individuals to get out and investigate nature. It consolidates delightful engineering with the marvel of nature in a one of a kind walkway. This new component opened in Spring. [1]

It is found one hour south of Copenhagen on the island of Zealand. It is in a saved backwoods called Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, Plans for the walkway were declared in 2017.[2]

Called “The Treetop Experience,” it is a 650 meter long (2,130ft meter) long promenade that gives astonishing perspectives on the backwoods. It is a consistent incline that takes into consideration the backwoods to be increasingly available to more individuals. Rather than stairs, the smooth incline is roomy and obliging. It likewise keeps up the trustworthiness of the woodland and leave it for the most part undisturbed.

The pinnacle is produced using materials chose from the timberland itself, as felled trees the creators consolidated into it so it fits into the woods.

It is found one hour south of Copenhagen on the island of Zealand. It is in a safeguarded woodland called Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, Plans for the walkway were declared in 2017,[2]


The high course experiences the more seasoned segment of the backwoods, and the low course and tower are in the more youthful area of the woodland. The pinnacle takes off up to 148 feet noticeable all around. There are circling pathways and cheap seat seating just as full all encompassing perspectives on the timberland. [3]

The profile of the perception tower is particular and bended. It has an amplified crown and base, and it is slim in the center. This shape makes a superior, bigger territory for the view stage at the top, better dependability and furthermore better contact with the backwoods shelter.

As indicated by the undertaking’s authentic site, “the geometry of the pinnacle is formed to improve the guest experience, evading the run of the mill round and hollow shape for a bended profile with a slim midriff and expanded base and crown,'” and “the incline keeps a fixed angle, while the geometry and separating of the slope varies as indicated by the evolving ebb and flow.”

During the walk, visitors can see the bumpy scene of Giisselfeld Klosersove, including wetlands, rivers and lakes. At the highest point of the pinnacle, visitors can see in excess of 25 km at 360 degree sees. The most extreme limit is 10,000 individuals. The motivation behind the pinnacle was to be progressively open for individuals all things considered and capacities. Families can appreciate time in nature together and have an extraordinary time taking a mobile on the winding.

The engineering studio EFFEKT was appointed for Camp Experience to make it. Camp Experience is a treetop experience park situated in the woods. There are an assortment of different exercises like zip lines and other treetop climbing ways.

Visitors can access Camp Experience on the web and get more data about hours and tickets accessible. Camp Experience traverses in excess of 18 sections of land, and it is the biggest of its sort in Denmark.


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