Straws Made Of Wild Grass Are Vietnam’s Newest Zero-Waste Option

Plastic straws are all over the place. No, we don’t allude to the way that plastic straws are accessible in all aspects of the planet. We are attempting to enable you to comprehend that plastic straws simply add body to the heap of plastic that covers our planet.

Disposing of this plastic is critical. Plastic straws are the first to go. We need to quit utilizing this. It takes numerous years for the planet to process the plastic piece you use for a couple of minutes. Contemplate this whenever you purchase your espresso or drink.

All things considered, we have some uplifting news for you. There are eco-accommodating choices, yet they aren’t as well known as plastic straws.

Tran Minh Tien is a youthful Vietnamese business person who chose to roll out an improvement in this world. Indeed, we will recollect him as the man who used to make straws from wild grass.

Tien is proprietor of Ống Hút Cỏ. His organization makes straws utilizing sedge grass. The primary thought depended on transforming Lepironia Articulata or co hit into straws. You can discover the grass in the region around the Mekong Delta district in southwestern Vietnam. Tien’s move will consistently be associated with his mind boggling perfect.

The grass has an empty stem, and Tien’s organization makes dried and new item. In the wake of reaping and washing, Tien and his laborers cut 8-inch pieces. They clean their inside utilizing an iron pole. The grass pieces are washed altogether. That is the means by which Tien makes his crisp straws.

The grass straws are later enveloped by banana leaves.

It requires some investment for Tien to complete his dried straws. Before they make the market, the straws are dried in the sun for 2-2 days and later heated in the broiler.

You should utilize crisp grass straws in about fourteen days, and Tien recommends putting away them in impenetrable packs in the refrigerator. Don’t hesitate to heat up the straws in salty water, and let them dry at room temperature. At the point when arranged along these lines, straw can be put away in a dry and cool spot, and you can utilize them inside a large portion of a year.


The fun part comes when you understand that the grass is consumable. Some prefer to bite it in the wake of eating their nourishment so as to clean their teeth. The grass is perfect, which means there’s no additives, synthetic compounds, poisons and different perilous substances.

You can get one dried straw for 1,000 Vietnamese dong ($0.043), and a crisp straw costs 600 Vietnamese dong ($ 0.026). The straws are just accessible in Vietnam, and you can purchase a heap of 100 pieces.

Tien’s organization isn’t the main organization that attempts to profit planet Earth. Zero Waste Saigon is a Vietnamese organization that sells straws produced using wild grass that develops in the zone of the Mekong Delta.

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