The 15 Most Costly Liquids On Earth, Some Of Which We Have A Tendency To Even Use

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12. Human blood — $1,330 per gallon

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A full-developed human body has 1.3 gallons of blood, comprising of plasma and cells. Your body can’t work without blood. Today numerous individuals give blood, in any case, preparing and putting away the blood is a costly procedure. This clarifies the cost.

11. Gamma hydroxybutyric corrosive (GHB) — $2,210 per gallon

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GHB, otherwise called 4-hydroxybutanoic corrosive, is principally used to treat narcolepsy, sleep deprivation, cataplexy, and liquor addiction. It is likewise a result of wine, citrus natural products, and hamburger aging. The moving of GHB is unlawful in numerous nations.