The 15 Most Costly Liquids On Earth, Some Of Which We Have A Tendency To Even Use

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6. Chanel No. 5 — $23,300 per gallon

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The incredible fragrance is known to everybody. It originally went marked down in 1922, and Chanel No. 5 still holds a best place in the market. Uncommon blossom petals and the embodiment of an uncommon root make Chanel No. 5 so costly.

5. Horseshoe crab blood — $53,250 per gallon

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This current crab’s blood doesn’t contain hemoglobin. Rather, they use hemocyanin, which makes it blue. Whenever pathogens or microscopic organisms get in it, the blood coagulations rapidly. This quality is truly important in pharmacology for the identification of endotoxins in medicinal applications. Horseshoe crabs are sans set after their blood has been drawn.

Most of the prescriptions that we use today were tried utilizing horseshoe crabs’ blood.