These 7 Easy Techniques Will Help You Fall A Sleep in 5 Minutes

#2 Meditation

While we can’t say for sure whether meditating  can help you transcend beyond space and time, it can help you sleep better. That is  more important, considering how much we need to get done on a day to day basis. Try  making meditation part of your daily routine.

Don’t worry, you won’t need much time with this  activity. Just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation is all you need to get healthier sleep. But why is  meditation so helpful? Well, the answer is simple.

Meditation enhances melatonin levels in your body. This stimulates your brain and makes it easier  for you to fall asleep. So, try it and see how much it works for you. In case it isn’t good  enough to convince you. We have more options.

#3 Listen to Relaxing Music

When we say relaxing music,  it could mean a lot of things. Starting from psychedelic to lo-fi and  probably all the way to progressive music.  Even classical and neoclassical music can be  very helpful when it comes to relaxing your mind.  

There are many options and it all depends  on what your brain identifies as soothing. A regular pop listener might find acoustic music  to be very soothing and calming. Similarly, a metalhead might find Pink Floyd or Porcupine  Tree’s music soothing. It all depends on the music taste of a person. Although, most experts  agree that sedative music usually works the best.

In a study of 24 adults, it was found that  people who listened to sedative music had a better sleep cycle than those who didn’t. In  another study, it was found that listening to relaxing music for more than 45 minutes can  help you get better sleep. On that note, it is also interesting to note that rain sounds play  a significant role in helping you fall asleep.

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