These 7 Easy Techniques Will Help You Fall A Sleep in 5 Minutes

#4 Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Do you drink too many cups of coffee? Well,  that might be one of the reasons why you aren’t able to sleep at night. There  are other culprits as well. Chocolate, soda and even energy drinks contain a lot  of caffeine. If your diet contains all or most of these food products, it’s  no surprise you can’t sleep well.

Caffeine is a component that fights  off fatigue and makes you alert. All of this would have been well and good,  if only it didn’t have such negative effects on your sleep. Here is an alternative  for you though try shifting to green tea or chamomile tea. Both of them have a lot  of antioxidants and promote better sleep.

Some experts would also suggest that  you should stop consuming caffeine at least six hours before bed. This  will help you with your sleep cycle. You can also reduce the cups of coffee  you drink in a day. While you are at it, make sure that you are drinking at least three  litres of water in a day. Got to stay hydrated!

#5 Focus on Trying to Stay Awake

Ever heard of reverse psychology?  Well, this is a brilliant example. If you could somehow try to force yourself to stay  awake then it could actually help you fall asleep. This process is called “paradoxical intention”.  

If you could channelise it properly, it  will actually help you fall asleep faster. Why does this work? Well, when you are forcing  yourself to fall asleep, you are putting your brain under a lot of pressure. This pressure  creates stress and anxiety, therefore preventing you from falling asleep. On the other hand,  if your brain knows there‚Äôs no pressure to fall asleep, it can simply keep working till  it exhausts itself and falls asleep naturally.

Even in a study, it was found that people  who used this paradoxical tactic are more likely to fall asleep than those who used the  traditional method. Who knew, all we needed to do is think the opposite? The next trick  is a lot simpler though, and less confusing.