These Rare Blue Bananas Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Nature has given us huge amounts of solid products of the soil, and it’s truly difficult to take a stab at everything that develops on this planet. In the event that you can’t settle on a decision, we propose that you attempt blue Java bananas. They taste surprisingly better than vanilla frozen yogurt!

A few people call them Frozen yogurt bananas in view of their dessert like consistency and flavor. UnderripeJava bananas have blue skin. Whenever ready, their skin ends up yellow and their ostentatious white substance poses a flavor like vanilla frozen yogurt.

The organic product has various names. Individuals in Fiji call it Hawaiian banana, and Filipinos call it Krie. On the off chance that you go to Focal America, you will see that local people call it Cenizo.

These bananas endure cold winter and develop normally in South Asia. In all honesty, the natural product can develop in chilly zones yet at the same time requires 40 Fahrenheit to develop.

Blue Java Bananas are a decent wellspring of potassium and different minerals. A 100-gram serving contains 0.3 fat, 22.8 g of starches and 89 calories.

That is not all. You can utilize the leaves of the plant to wrap your dish. They are as convenient as aluminum foil, and can be utilized to bubble, fry, meal, and stop nourishment.

OK develop your very own Java bananas? Here are some helpful hints:

  • Give enough daylight, and pick zones that get enough downpour.
  • Blue Java bananas need every day watering and enough space as the ranch grows up to 20 feet.
  • Apply NPK compost (3:1:6) when a month.
  • Clasp off shoots to invigorate the plant enough and supplements to shoulder the natural products.
  • You can develop blue Java bananas from a little plant in nine months.

Utilize blue Java bananas rather than your “standard” bananas. They are profoundly nutritious, and you can really make one-fixing frozen yogurt! Mix solidified bananas, and crunch on your preferred dessert. Include some dim chocolate chips for included medical advantages.